History about Mike.
When Mike was a young boy, his father taught him a couple of basic magic tricks and the seed was planted.

Mike’s family gave him magic kits and books every Christmas and Birthday for years to come. As Mike got older he focused his spare time on work and school and put magic on the back burner. Although magic never left Mike’s mind there were quite a few years when he did not practice regularly.

Mike left Ontario in 1998 for Lake Louise to ski the Rockies. In 2000 Mike discovered Kelowna, a wonderful summer beach city and a skiers dream in the winter.

Shortly after this Mike met his future wife, Sheri who worked part time at a magic booth in the local shopping mall. This re-ignited Mike’s fire and he fell in love with magic all over again. Every time he went to see his new girlfriend he would buy several tricks and take them home to practice until they were show ready.

In 2003, Mike put together his first magic show and Freaky Fisher was born. He now offers several different types of Magic.